Schoola Review

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to show you a new site where you can thrift shop online, save a bunch of money, and help give money to schools too!
Schoola is a site where you can buy secondhand clothes in good condition for great prices! You can get high name brands for pretty darn cheap!
Not to mention, 40% of the value of your order gets donated to schools! Pretty neat, right?
Recently, I made some big orders, so let's get to the review!
These heels are to DIE for! They aren't too high so I can still walk in them, they're a great colour, and they're super comfy!
The velour pinstriped overcoat made me feel kinda like Nancy Drew, in a good way! It's light but still retains heat, comfy, and looks like i'm a classy mob boss!
This beautiful Blue sixties-esque dress made me feel like a real retro darling! The fabric was thick but not too heavy, and durable. The lace Neckline is a real plus!
This striped skirt was totally adorable! Only downside, it shrunk in the wash, and i'll need to deshrink it. gotta be more careful when washing next time!
This other striped skirt is very cute! But it is very thin so i'd only really use it as a swimsuit cover. And it's prettty short.
Overall, everything is very much worth it. It shipped very quickly and everything came in a big Schoola bag! The shoes even came in their own drawnstring bag!

I'm very impressed with this site and will be ordering from them again! After all, when $11.07 went to schools around the country because of my order, I'd say it's very worth it!



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