Latest Outfits

Hi lovelies/Princesses! I realized that I haven't posted many outfits lately, so here's a few recent ones that I'm very proud of! If you want to see more outfits and stuff without waiting on me to make a blog post, check my instagram!

So first outfit-
I think of this as either
1. My official Mermaid Princess outfit,
2. An old fashioned/Renaissance/medieval outfit.
Here's the rundown-
Blouse- not sure, probably thrifted
Sash- Also unsure
Skirt- Modified thrifted dress, $5
Headband- Royally Cute
Second outfit-
My new gothic co-ord! I wore this to my first date with my boyfriend! He even matched me <3
Blouse- Thrifted, $4
Dress- Handsewn by me, fabric was $10
Choker- was a christmas present
I also had on my handmade bonnet, bodyline socks, and my cosplay loafer shoes from my Yuno cosplay.
Third outfit-
Kind of like...Peasant-kei? I'm especially proud of this picture though. My legs look better, like I've gained some substantial weight.
Dress- TJ-Max, altered by me, $14
Shawl- IDK
Pin- Royally Cute
Socks- Bodyline
Shoes- Payless, altered by me $20
Fourth Outfit-
I love thrift stores so much for finds like this.
Shirt- Hot Topic, $25
Skirt- Thrift store, $3
Socks- Bodyline
Shoes- Payless and altered by me, $20
Fifth Outfit-
I wore this outfit for my first day practice driving.
Dress- Bodyline
Necklace- Bought at a convention, $25
Badge- Handmade by me
Hair clip- Handmade by me



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