Covering FantaSci 2015!

Hi Lovelies/Princesses! So in my grand tradition of writing about cons and events I attend, I figured I should write about attending FantaSci today!
FantaSci is a small local Fantasy and SciFi convention. You can read more about it here (Scroll down to FantaSci, you can read about Shoubou Con here too!).
First up, my outfit!
I went in a steampunk co-ord!
Glasses and Case (Pouch on my waist)- From a Friend
Wig- Bodyline- $8
Jacket- Thrift, $3
Dress- Handmade, materials were $10
Shoes- My stepsisters combat boots
I posed like Gumi, hehe.

On to the Con stuff!
This con had much more vendors than shoubou, or at least it seemed like it since they spilled into other floors.
The panels were SO COOL. They had TWO Paranormal Investigations panels and I was sooo excited. (I love ghost hunting, BTW!). I fangirled hard. So that was intensely fun.
They also had craft panels. I made slime and shrinky dink charms.
The slime was borax, elmers glue, and water (I might make a tutorial video~!)
The Charms are super cute and super SUPER tiny. When they hit together they sound like glass.
I hope to go again next year!



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