Shopping Finds!

Hi lovelies! I know that I just recently posted a thrift store finds post, but I also found stuff in "normal" stores too! Some books, clothes, and just plain cute things. Let's go~!
So, I really really like books and so recently I bought 3 from my momma's college's bookstore.
I got the Big Hero 6 Manga! This isn't the original comics (I do not think!) But it's cute. Hehe, I bet Hiro would hate being in such a girly frame.
I got the second Death Note manga for my collection
I got the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This book is really nice, hardback with a built in bookmark. It has the more famous cases in it, like A Scandal in Bohemia and the Hound of the Baskervilles, but also ones like The Red Headed League. Since I love older literature, this was perfect.

I got two new pairs of plain cotton gym shorts for sleeping and for bloomers. The lighter one is a mint colour which didn't photograph well and the other is black of course!
These cute lamb ears were on sale because it was post- Easter. So I got them for 70 cents! They're so soft and cute. I like wearing them with pretty much everything. I think they're so adorable.
I got this Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt! It's for sleeping in or casual wear. 
I got these super cute Manatee cotton shorts for sleeping or bloomers! They have little manatees and say "No wake zone" like certain areas are marked so we don't disturb the manatees.
The little manatees are so cute!
I need to do some new pixel hunting, I'm almost running out of them!



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