DIY Bunny Ears, Bunny Tail, Neko Ears

Hi lovelies! Today I'm bringing you 2 Different Animal DIY's (Technically 3) so that you can cosplay or dress up as a bunny or cute neko!

What You'll Need
Felt, white and pink (You can get this at Michel's for like 29 cents a sheet.)
Headbands (I got mine at Michel's but you could also get them at the dollar store or something.)
Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks
Ribbon (I usually get mine for $1 or 50 cents a spool.)
Stuffing or fabric scraps
A safety pin
Bunny Ears
First, draw your pattern for the whole ear, then cut it out.
Next, trace 4 onto the white felt and cut them out
Use the pattern and draw where you want the pink want to be, then cut it out.
Use the new pink pattern and trace 2 on the pink felt and cut out (Ignore that I have 4, I messed up.) Also cut out two rectangles.
Sew the white pieces together bad side to bad side. Make sure to leave the bottom open and leave tabs.
Hot glue or sew the pink parts on.
Stuff the ears. I stuffed mine with tulle scraps that my cat chewed on, but you can stuff yours with anything, even fabric scraps. Once the ears are stuffed, hot glue or sew the bottom closed, but leave the tabs open.
Here's the hard part.
FIRST. Try on the headband and mark where you want to glue the ears.
SECOND. Fold out the tabs and glue the bottom of the ear to the headband where you marked.
THIRD. Wrap the tabs under and glue them in place too. (I glued some scraps of pink felt over the tabs so they'd be more secure)
Next, make small felt bows and glue them onto the bottom of the ears.
Now onto the tail...
Make a large felt bow.
Glue or sew on a pompom.
Glue or sew on a safety pin, then glue or sew on a scrap of felt over it to secure it.
Please excuse my face, I was trying to make sure that you could see the tail in the picture so I had to kind of squint.
On to the Neko ears!
Neko Ears
Draw a pattern like a triangle but one side longer than the other, Cut it out and make sure that when it is folded over it looks like a 3D neko ear.
Trace 2 on the white felt and 2 on the pink felt. Make sure to mirror the triangles so you have a left and right ear. Cut all 4 out.
Lay lace on your white triangle and cut it according to the sides. Repeat for each side and glue or sew the lace down.
Sew or glue the pink triangles ontop of the white ones. Make sure the sides line up.
Fold over and glue the ear along the longest side.
Try on the headband and mark where you want the ears to sit.
Then, carefully hotglue the ears to the band. You might have to hold them in place to make them curve along the band.
I also added little bows to mine.
My cat paw pose needs some work, hehe ^-^'
I hope you lovelies/Princesses find these tutorials useful! I like to use my ears to pretend I'm a kawaii idol or something, hehe.



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