Covering Anime Mid-Atlantic 2015!!

Hi lovelies! So, this past weekend I attended AMA 2015! So here's how it went!

First up, here's what I wore-
 You can find more pictures from my Yuno photoshoot here (click the right arrow to go through the yuno ones).

and here's what I bought-
Other than the Artemis plush (a gift from a friend), and the AMA badge, I bought everything including the blanket.
and now for some photo spam!
this is from when I changed my makeup and hair before the dance on saturday!
I found another Yuno!
I loved these girls' dresses- I was so surprised when they told me that their mothers had made them!
Me and my best friend before the saturday night dance, he was cosplaying Gray Fullbuster from fairytail and I gave him my cat ears to wear.
I found a Yang cosplayer!
and another Yang! There were many yangs at AMA!
I also found an Elizabeth cosplayer!
My Yuno cosplay before the fake blood wore off.



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