Thrift Store Finds!

Hi lovelies! So recently I've been thrift store shopping and I found lots of neat things! Let's go~
Wardrobe Additions-
A new JSK (I might alter it a little) Only $2
Cardigan (It's a crop cut so it's perfect for the Lolita silhouette)  $5
An underskirt (Needs altering) $4
 Teacups for my collection-
Both are Japanese make, the white one is from 1961. The blue one was $2 and the white one was $1.
Doll Stuff!
My new doll! She's a La La Loopsy, and She's wearing a cute lil sailour theme thing. I named her Matilda. She was $6.
Fabric to make her a Lolita dress and lace for it. Both were like 50 cents!
Total Price-
$21 for everything!

Here's a picture from a recent photoshoot with my friend that I've yet to post ^_^'

PS- Can you tell I love frames? hehe.



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