Covering Shoubou Con~ Year 3!

I've been going for three years. The first year (it was also my first con!) It was sooo much smaller and obscure. But it was fun. Since then, it's grown to the 2000+ people con that it was this year!
This post will be about my adventures, etc at the con!
My Outfit-
I handmade the bonnet, the dress is bodyline, and the rest is offbrand. The Wig choice was last minute (as I screwed up my blonde wig the night before). But I ended up loving it very much.

What I did-
While I didn't place, I had entered the AMV contest so first off I went and watched the other entries. My exboyfriend's got third place! I told him it was such a good AMV but he didn't believe me. But I know he believes me now!
After that we walked around and went to vendors and such. We had a plan before we got there, but they changed the schedule last minute which messed up a lot of our timing.
Believe it or not, it actually started to snow! Snow in March, reminds me so much of Invitea. It only flurried, so we walked to DQ for lunch and I had a mint oreo blizzard as usual.
Then we walked back to the con and went to the panel I was MOST excited for, the Moe Moe Extravaganza put on by the Lovely Hearts Maid Cafe! The maids were so cute and I was having moe heart attacks the entire time. I loved how they had such unique talents and personalities. One maid even did archery!
After the extravaganza I met up with some other Lolitas for a while, then headed back to vendors. They had such cute stuff so I bought myself some things and bought a gift for a friend. I also saw the maids again because they had a vendors table~ They were so kind and it turns out they're also Lolitas! Double wow~
At 2:45 my exboyfriend had to line up for the cosplay contest so I went and grabbed a seat and watched the contest. It was so funny. I love how everyone gets into character and really sells it. Talk about dedication!
After that, I ran into my former teacher who was also in cosplay! It was so fun. Then I ran into my friend from chess too! I was being so social. I got a picture with the Lovely Maids too~
Then of course the con was over :c but next year I might be a vendor!!

What I Bought-
I can't show the picture of the gift I got because I don't want my friend to see it! Sorry Captain!
(These are horrible pics! I'm sorry, I need a new camera.)
But this is what I got myself;
A button from the Maid Cafe girls
A cute necklace

Me and two of the maids, Maid Mana and Maid Berry!
Plus a little story! So my exboyfriend and I saw a Blake cosplayer and basically spent the whole rest of the con awkwardly trying to make friends with her (only we don't really know how to go about that so we probably freaked her out.. ^-^').

I'm going to try and make some new posts soon!



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