Outfits To 9/24 Masterpost

So this is off the old blog; All the outfits I ever posted there~!
Here goes;


Red Dress; Thrifted; $7
Pink Shirt: Hand-Me Down
Red Ribbon
Red Lipstick
Red Cream Blush

1920's Flapper

So for my club (its a historical club, we learn about other cultures and times in history through being in them XD) We were doing a speakeasy and I was a flapper! So here's my basic flapper costume (and yes i know its historically wrong cuz the dress isn't the proper style.)
So the outfit! You might recognize the dress from my Appleblossom outfit. It's a dress I got from the thriftshop, relatively cheap, I think about $7.
My scarf is an infinity scarf, just tied differently.
My wig (yeah, I'm wearing a wig, I'm not a natural blonde and I'd never cut my hair) is an Alois Trancy wig, it was also relatively cheap on amazon, about $9. It's quality is about a party wig, but slightly better.
My hat I made from an old sunhat.
Now the Makeup!
*Small Tutorial!
Flapper Doll Makeup;
Put on foundation.
Apply brown eyeshadow to your crease.
Apply black eyeshadow to your lid and a little under your eye and connect in a cat eye shape.
Apply lots of mascara.
Apply a dark red lipstick in a "cupid's bow" lip style.
maybe some blush and you're done!

Shoubou-con Alois Trancy Cosplay 

That is where I spent my saturday. And although I had no hauls from the con, I did have a LOT of fun!
My cosplay; Alois Trancy
(My cat ears and lanyard purse are just add-ons)
My lovely sama went as Ciel Phantomhive <3
We were yaoi.

Simple Royalty

So this outfit is a practical way to show off how elegant you are! Heehee. Or just a more practical approach to a Princess style outfit.
Royalty now-a-days have to be ever-changing to be more "modern". Look at me, I'm a blogger!

It's my dress I got at the thrift store (Also in the Appleblossom and Flapper outfits), about $7
and a hand-me-down over shirt.
And my pocketwatch that I bought at neko-con.
 No make up for this one, just a ponytail and for some cute effect, an unneeded clip.

Invitean Commander-In-Chief! 

So 1st.
Invitea is the country that I rule over!
The colours on the badge actually mimic the flag.
So here it is! (With my serious face >3<)
 I used my "army-esque" winter jacket for the base, under that I'm wearing a black lace dress, and a vest I got from a friend. The jacket was about $50 at Old Navy (a boy's jacket.). The dress was I think $17 but I can't remember the store. The vest, from a friend.
I sewed the badge and made the medal from a ribbon and a brooch. My hair's just pulled into a tight bun. No makeup for this one.

Fem!Casual Alois?!

Sorry for my SOULESS eyes. I didn't even realize they were so terrifying.
So the Tutorial!
I lightened my eyebrows using foundation only because I have very black eyebrows and was using my very blonde wig.
I used a light blue on the lids, and light white in the corners closest to my nose.
I used one of those crayon lipsticks (mwahaha) in dark red, and blotted some off. Then I put on a watermelon lipgloss ontop.
(It doesn't have to be watermelon, it was just the only clear gloss I own.)
and you're done! Not much here.
I also had my Alois wig on, my flower crown, a floral shirt, and my Alois shorts. Fem!Alois? Eh maybe just casual Alois :p.


 Hiya lovelies! So Today I made an outfit that I can't come up with a perfect name for yet.. So for now it is the Victorian/50's/Cute/Dolly outfit.
 I like the Typography on this picutre, ehe.
So~! First thing in this outfit, a Blouse and Skirt found at a thrift store. The skirt is high waisted and bubble-hemmed. The blouse is quite thin and airy. On the neck of the blouse I pinned my favourite cameo pin found at an antiques shop in West Virginia with my daddy. My shoes are Vans and have boot-like lacing at the top. And just white ankle socks, of course~
 Sorry for the non-smile. I took my AP European History exam yesterday and I guess I'm still tired~!
For the Hair Tutorial (I promise this is just common sense!)
Crossed Hair-Clips;
Cross two hair clips when you clip them in your hair, Done!
See? Easy. I always thought unneeded hair clips were very cute so I use them a lot.
No makeup in this outfit!

Lazy Day


New Garment ?

So today I took an old skirt and put elastic in the waist (it had come out) and under the first section...
To make a dress right
Well I apparently DO eat too many sweets because 1 i had to tie a bow around it to make a waist and 2 my arms *sob* do I even have to explain? I'm not a perfect doll....
 So there ^_^ stupid arm fat is now hiding under my collared shirt and vest.

BTW I now know just HOW MUCH i relate to this;

Schoolgirl ish / Schoolgirl Blouses 

So I'm really proud of this outfit because a majourity of it is handmade.

This is my green undershirt from my Sailor Schoolgirl Blouses, the pink over thing from the Blouses, and my hand-sewn cupcake skirt. Plus of course my boots and useless clips.
My Sailor Schoolgirl Blouses!
They have interchangeable top pieces, the top pieces are fully sewn by hand and the shirts are modified plain t-shirts.


Headdress; Hand made
Apron; Hand Made
Skirt; Hand Made
Shirt; Plain white collared shirt I think from like Gap or something? About $12?
Petticoat; I'm wearing like 3 skirts...
Hairclips; Felt Cupcake bought at my first con, i can't remember the vendor, like $5
                   Pink bow with melting chocolate from Bowkuma, like $5?
Bracelets; Hand made, One is just beads and the other is beads and a metal mini teapot.
Necklace; From the 2nd con I ever went to, I can't remember the vendor, it's a macaron and was about $25.

Mall Trip 

"Pretty Girls Read Books" T-Shirt, from Books-a-million, idk the price, mommy got it for me.
Skirt- Thrifted, I can't remeber the price but it was tailoured to be shorter. (because it was like...well veryyy long.)
Bow- Handmade, on a regular headband
And I straightened my hair straight out of the shower so it was straight until the next one <3

Thats all the outfits to date~!
Thanks For Looking~!



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