5 Super Fun Age Regression Self-Care Ideas!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is for all the age regressors out there that read OFT! (Hi yes, I see you, you are valid and amazing!). You all seemed to like my last two posts on Age Regression (my post on What Is Age Regression, and Age Regression Journaling) and I got a lot of positive feedback, so I wanted to make you all more content!

If you are confused about what Age Regression is please see this post (click me!) regarding what it is, myths about it, and some regressor’s personal opinions as to why they regress and use regression as a coping mechanism.

A short definition is: Age Regression is a coping mechanism used by some to help with trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental illness, and some just use it to cope with stress. During age regression a person’s headspace becomes regressed to a younger age. A person who is regressing may act younger and more carefree and may have more “Childish” interests. Simply, age regression is a coping mechanism.

I am not a therapist nor a licensed professional, any and all advice and information given on this coping mechanism comes from a variety of sources such as: testimonies from age regressors, personal experience, and personally knowing some people who age regress.

So now that all that is out of the way, let’s get into the self-care ideas!

#1- Coloring! Many people use coloring as a stress reliever, and I know of many, many age regressors who love to color! Coloring can be fun because you don’t have to draw from scratch, you can just focus on filling in blank space with beautiful color. You can find all sorts of kids coloring books on sale at dollar stores for $1! Dollar Tree has a bunch! You can also print your own coloring pages if you don’t like any coloring books at the store. You could even make a whole coloring book binder completely customized to your interests!

#2- Treat yourself to a little something! Whether you get yourself a blindbox toy, some candy, or even an ice cream cone, maybe take the time to get yourself a little something, because you totally deserve it!

#3- Have a small day! Has life been stressing you out? Have you been busy with work, school, and other stressful things? Well, if you have the time, maybe take a day to just be a kid! (AKA- let yourself regress!) Take the time to make a nice little day out of it. Maybe plan a small outing to the park or to the mall, or if you’re more comfortable, spend the day at home. If you stay at home, maybe lay out a blanket on your bed or on the floor, wherever you feel more comfy, and make a small space with your favorite toys, stuffed animals, and coloring book! 

#4- Blanket Fort! A great fun thing to do when you’re regressed that can be awesome for self-care is to build a blanket fort! You can use pillows and chairs and blankets and sheets to build the fort, and you could have stuffed animals guarding your fort! 

#5- Make yourself a sticker chart! We have a whole post explaining why Sticker Charts are Good for Your Mental Health! Make yourself a sticker chart with all your daily to-dos, and reward yourself when you fill up a row!

What do you think of these ideas? Let us know in the comments! And let me know if you want to see more content like this! I figured since our last age regression posts were so well-liked, I should make some more content like it!

Thank you for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!
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Thanks again for reading! See you in our next post!

 One last note! Please do be cautious when using this coping skill. I have been informed that it is possible for this coping skill to cause dissociation. Please exercise caution and only do what you feel is comfortable and healthy for you. 


  1. Age regression can also be dangerous. I feel like that's important to mention.

    1. Would you mind explaining how a coping mechanism as harmless as age regression can be dangerous? I’m a regressor so I really don’t agree with you.

    2. Hello Anons! To the first commenter, from what I've seen, personally experienced and witnessed, I don't believe that this coping skill is dangerous. I do fail to see the danger of someone being in a younger headspace for a while.

      To the second commenter, yes I agree, I fail to see how this could be dangerous in any way.

      Thank you both for reading!


    3. One's mental state can become stagnant in such a state of mind and are unable to return to, for lack of better words, their "actual" state of mind, i.e. "acting their age". Basically, if overused, this method can be a permanent state of mind for people which can inhibit them from living a normal life. I don't mean to criticize. This is also not always used solely as a coping mechanism.

    4. While I have personally never heard of that happening, I understand it's definitely a possibility, however, for many, age regression is a positive. Thank you for bringing a different viewpoint, however, I really appreciate it, I enjoy getting to know what other's experiences/thoughts are! -Lunaria

    5. If you are interested, you can always research the potential effects of long term regression and the possibility of developing disassociation.

  2. I have to agree with the first anon. I read an article once about a man who age regressed and eventually perminantly believed he was a 5 year old girl (he was in his 40s) and hasn't been able to come out of it. A lot of the time age regression isn't necessarily intentional.

    1. If you're using it as a therapy or stress relief technique, you just have to be careful not to get too into it all the time. As long as you're careful really it's not bad but it can be for sure. I've seen it go wrong just as much as it can be okay. It's a tricky subject really.

    2. If we’re thinking about the same man, that wasn’t age regression, it was age play. Which is entirely different.

    3. I've seen the documentary you're referencing and no, this was a different man. I'll look for the article again when I have time today, or maybe I can find a similar one.

    4. I think I'm beginning to understand. So I do agree that Age Regression isn't good all the time. I know that sometimes with involuntary regression such as during a PTSD flashback, it can be frightening/make someone feel more negatively.

      I tried to do some research on the effects of long term regression on dissociation and most of the results I found dealt with Age Regression in people with DID.

      I also feel as though we might be talking about different types of Regression. What I meant was purely the coping mechanism skill of regression. Not the therapy. (Which I have corrected in my past articles. But if you see any instances where it still says therapy instead of coping mechanism/coping skill please let me know!). I am aware that in Age Regression Therapy, the therapist/psychologist will guide the patient into a dissociative state to recall memories and help learn what traumas occurred, but I also know that this therapy method is largely criticized for sometimes generating false memories.

      Overall, I understand that regression is not for everyone, and I will make a note in my original article for people to be careful if they want to try to begin regressing as a coping skill.

      Thank you all for all of your input!


    5. I appreciate that you took the time to genuinely consider what I was saying instead of assuming I was attacking you. The only thin that concerns me about the age regression trending is the fact that most of it nowadays are people trying it on their own without proper knowledge and lack guidance. I've seen people improve but I've also seen people screw themselves up with regression. It's kind of scary. People really need to educate themselves before they engage.


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