Emitrix Etsy Shop Resin Bat Skull Ring Review!

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm reviewing a new Etsy shop- Emitrix!

DISCLAIMER- the item reviewed in this post was provided to us for review by Emitrix, but all opinions regarding the product, shop, and otherwise are my own.

First I'd like to thank Emitrix for sending me this beautiful ring to review! I am so excited to share this shop with you all! The designs are very gorgeous, and unique!

So let's get into the review!


The ring, in my opinion, is put together very well. The ring base and design piece seem very firmly held together, which I like. There is a bit of noticeable glue remains on the underside of the ring, but it is not sticky or anything, and you can't see it at all when wearing the ring, so this is not a minus to me at all.

Overall, I give construction of the ring a 5/5!


I love the design of this ring! I especially love the delicate black lines design on the resin skull. (Yes, for anyone worried about the animal ethics, these skulls are resin!) And the tiny gemstones on the skull were super cute. I also love the plants coming out of the eyes!
The skull itself is ultra delicate and detailed and just lovely. Overall, the whole design is cohesive and fantastic.

I give the design a 5/5!


The extras that were sent to me along with the ring were also totally beautiful, unexpected, and lovely!

I received these two crystals:
Which I thought were very beautiful and very thoughtful for them to include!

The package was simple, a bubble mailer, and nothing was damaged in shipping at all.

Overall for packing/extras I give a 5/5!


Overall I have to say I just love the ring, and everything about this shop! I think the jewelry is really unique and beautiful and well made. I think the prices are fair, especially when considering cost of materials and labor. Shipping prices are also very reasonable.

If you like unique and gorgeous jewelry I'd definitely recommend Emitrix. The piece I reviewed today is from their Spring Collection, which, as I am writing this, is almost completely sold out. But also as I write this they are working on their next collection!
Here is the link to their shop, where you can check out their current collection:

Overall 5/5:

Again, I'd like to thank Emitrix for this opportunity to review their shop! Thank you very much!

That's all for today's post!

Thank you very much for reading, lovelies, and I'll see you in Monday's post!

PS- My Big Brother is getting married tomorrow!! I'm going to be a bridesmaid! Sorry that was random, I'm just so happy and excited. :)

Thanks again for reading, and I'll see you in our next post,
Stay amazing!



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