Ciao lovelies!! So while at home, I discovered some of my old writings and decided to re-introduce a series I used to have on my blog, about being a modern-day princess! These writings were about etiquette, budgeting, giving good speeches, baking, taking care of yourself, etc… I thought I’d bring them back to this blog as a gender neutral “how to be a modern day royal” type series, if there’s any interest in that sort of thing. I thought I’d bring it back because it’s a fun thing, at least in my mind. I have a little poll below and you can vote on whether you want me to bring it back!

Here is more of an explanation!:
Please vote and let me know what you think! I’ll decide on the 11th (and post the results) and post the first one on that Wednesday if the answer is yes! 

HERE Is the link to the poll!

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