Ciao lovelies! Today's post is a REAL TALK about something I have seen all over the internet and something I think is incredibly harmful- Sarahah.
What is Sarahah?

If you don't know what this is, it's a website that lets you make a page where people can send you anonymous messages. Sounds innocent enough, but it's not. It's terrible. (I'm not even going to link it in this post- I REALLY don't agree with it, and haven't ever used it and will never use it!)

Why is it Bad?

As someone who was harassed online years ago by Anonymous users, I know how hurtful these things can be. Many users who get Sarahah pages are experiencing the same feelings, and getting hurtful messages- and now it's worse, because these people might be getting them from their "friends."

The #1 place I've seen Sarahah URLs shared is on Facebook. Facebook, a place where you think your "Friends" are, but yet I've seen many of my Facebook friends share their Sarahah and get hate from their so called "friends".

I've also seen it shared on Instagram. One of my close friends recently made one and in her story I see people leaving her hate. It disgusts me how being anonymous makes people's kindness disappear. Here is her story:

Here is Tiffany Dameron's Experience with Sarahah:

"I heard about Sarahah for a while and didn’t know what it was about until I asked a friend. I thought I was another kind of social media that everyone would get hooked on, but Sarahah was not like that. Sarahah is different. Sarahah is a platform where people can say anonymous things. I thought this would be something good for me as I am trying to improve photography, but sadly, what I got was more than photography. I got hate and backlash on things I don’t even do anymore, such as “taking people’s other articles and slightly editing them” and “making my own custom makeup.” First off, I don’t like being labeled. Second, I don’t take articles anymore from people due to being labeled a “thief.” Third, I used the depotting method to create makeup.  I also got hate on my photography for not having a “professional camera” and that “no one wants their photos taken from a phone camera.” That I have something to say: I use resources that are available to me at that moment and time. So, due to financial issues and not having a job, I use what’s available to me, like my phone’s camera. Not all photographers have to have expensive  equipment, especially those are aspiring and are looking into part time photography.  On another note, Sarahah has become popular; more popular than Instagram, Twitter or any other social media. In conclusion, people who are using Sarahah, be careful. Like any other social media, Sarahah has negative affects. If you or someone you know come across negative things being said on Sarahah, inform a TRUSTED adult.

Stay Strong,
Tiffany R. Dameron"

You can find Miss Dameron's Instagram accounts:

Why is Sarahah popular?

People feel a sense of power under an anonymous label. They become cruel, and hateful. Sometimes, they even start trying to get people to commit suicide.

In Conclusion:

Sarahah is DANGEROUS, and I urge people not to get this app/url. Don't sign yourself up for this pain. I'd hate to see the world lose even one life because of this stupid app.

What do YOU think of this app? Do you think it's dangerous? Do you like it? Do you have one? Do you hate it? Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks for reading, and stay awesome. I'll see you in our next post!


  1. I'm glad I got to work with you guys again. Thank you so much for doing all things positive. Keep doing your thing!
    With Love,
    Tiffany R. Dameron

  2. Wow... thank you for the information, I was really considering getting one but I now realize that would probably just be asking for trouble. Thank you!


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