Our Goals? Mission? Future Plans? Updates? (FAQ)

Ciao lovelies! Today, I'm going to be briefly talking about OFT: what our goals are, our mission, future plans, any updates, etc!
I decided the best way to do this was to respond to any questions I think you all may have, and if there's more, leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer it!

Q- What is the point of OFT?
A- I want OFT to be a family-friendly place for fun content for all ages. Some place that you can come to, knowing that older age content will be warned about (usually just swearing), and you can safely let kids, etc look through without worrying what they're seeing. Some place that even adults can come find something interesting or fun. Some place that when you're bored, you can look through our content and become less bored! Honestly, I just want OFT to be a place safe for everyone to kill their boredom and find some fun in life! That's why it's called Only Fun Things, after all.

Q-Many of the recent posts have been videos, not text posts. Is OFT moving in the direction of YouTube and leaving blogging?
A- OFT will never leave the blog platform. You will always be able to find OFT content in blog form!
Yes, we do want to make more video content, just to be able to provide content to larger audiences, and to bring more interesting and varying content to our lovelies! But OFT will always have blog posts as well.

Q- What makes up OFT?
A- OFT is a collective/community of guest posters (like Nightsong and Jonesy), YouTubers (like Rakuana, though he also does some writing), Myself (Lunaria) and of course, our lovelies! I will always think of OFT as a community, not just a project.

Q-Will OFT's content ever become only suitable for one age group/demographic?
A- No! OFT will always have something for everyone!

Thank you for reading! If you have more questions about OFT, our mission, etc, comment below or email us at onlyfunthingsblog@yahoo.com for an answer as soon as possible!

Do you want to submit content to OFT and feature your blog, YouTube channel, etc? Email us at onlyfunthingsblog@yahoo.com to discuss!

Do you feel like OFT doesn't have anything with your interests? Leave a comment with what you're interested in for the chance to see a post about it!

Lastly, dear readers, do you want OFT to have an ask.fm? Comment yes or no below to vote!

See you in tomorrows post!



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