Open Letter to My Old "Friends"

Ciao lovelies! Today I’m writing an Open Letter to my old friends who are no longer in my life.

Open Letter To My Old "Friends"

I know that none of you will ever see this. 

You all probably don’t remember me. 

And I barely remember you all either.

But I still remember the lessons you taught me about not letting myself be treated badly, like you all treated me.

Thanks to you all, I will never let myself be the laughingstock of a group.

 I will never be the excluded friend.

 I will never be the target of gossip. 

I will never be the tool, the puppet, the easily manipulated toy of a horrible person.

You all have taught me what is and is not friendship. 

And what we had was not friendship.

So I’m glad you’re all out of my life for good.

Sorry it wasn’t very positive and inspiring like usual my dears! Tomorrow’s post will be more happy!



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