Ciao lovelies! Today I'm here to talk about the dreaded ONLINE HATERS....

Okay, now I know you probably expect some long-winded rant and incoherent anger but actually I want to be logical to answer a couple questions, namely:

1. What motivates these people?


2. How to stop these people?

So let's talk about online trolls, bullies, and haters!

1. What motivates these people?

From what I've seen, haters are mainly motivated by a few things:

1. Jealousy- Often haters are jealous of the person they hate on. They wish for that person's success, and instead of going out and getting their own success, they just hate on that person because they're bitter that they can't achieve. Logically speaking, they should understand that they could also achieve if they would try, but instead of trying they just complain. 

2. Wanting attention- A lot of haters just want the attention, probably because they don't get enough at home, or something. So like most children who don't get nurtured enough at home, they act out to get the attention elsewhere.

3. Low self esteem- Most haters project their own fears/faults onto their targets. Example: calling a hardworking person lazy because the hater worries about their own laziness, real or not. Insecurities run rampant in the mind of a internet troll, sadly for them.

2. How to stop these people?

We can stop these people in a few ways!

1. IGNORE THEM! This is the most proven way to stop them. However sometimes it's way too hard to ignore super personal rude hate comments. So, if it's too hard to ignore, then we can...

2. BLOCK THEM! Block them, filter comments, etc. Keep them from being able to talk to you in any way!

3. TAKE PITY ON THEM! Don't be patronizing, but allow yourself to feel bad for them. They definitely need the sympathy.

So that's my little talk on haters! Inspired by wanting to support my fave Yumi King!

Bye for today, I might be back tomorrow!


  1. This was much needed there seems to be an increase in online haters lately. Great post.


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