Beach Trip and Doll Photography

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is some pics from a recent beach trip (with some doll photos)!
So the other night, on a whim, at about 7:30 pm, my darling Rakuana and I decided to head to the beach for some doll photos!

And, what a GREAT choice that was!

It wasn't too hot or too many people, the lighting was great, and I was able to get some great photos AND enjoy myself in the water (not fully swimming though, as sharks feed at dusk and dawn so you should never swim during these times!) 

We got some fun photos:
 (I normally hate smiling and showing off my teeth, but I actually like this photo because it shows me genuinely having a good time, and I think genuine feelings are more beautiful than any faked smile)
 The sunset was beautiful, totally pastel!
 Before Rakuana's haircut.
This photo is so....hipster of me. LOL!

And then, of course, we got what we had come for- DOLL PHOTOS! I know some people wonder if it's embarrassing to take photos of dolls in public. Sometimes I get embarrassed but, it's my fave hobby right now, so I don't let it stop me if people stare at me. 

 Another question I've seen people ask doll photographers is "Is it hard to sort through all the photos to choose the usable ones?" And yes, I think so. I take around 50 photos per shoot, and use roughly 10 or so. I have to narrow it down a LOT!
 Oh, if you collect dolls (or just like them) you may notice that Venus isn't in her Party Dress that she came in. I put her in Shriekwrecked Catrine's dress for a more beachy feel. I also couldn't resist this photo of her with the boardwalk lights. It just felt right for her.
 One of my favorite poses for dolls is to have their hands in their hair. I see a lot of models do this IRL, so I think it looks good on the dolls too. Plus it's easy to pose them this way.
 I couldn't resist taking more of the fun photos, so here I used a Barbie camping set (bought for $3) to show Lagoona and Venus enjoying a campfire together. Eco-besties for the win!
 Beach time means sandcastle time, even for dolls!
 I couldn't resist a more "hipster" shot of Lagoona's more fishy elements (scales and fins) against the sand. So artsy! LOL!
 Fun fact, the wood you see in this shoot is a Life Guard tower! Since we went at night, there were no life guards on duty and we could use the tower for the shoot.
Lastly, I just love how Venus looks with this background!! It totally fits her.

Thanks for checking out my doll photos! If you want to see more, check out my doll instagram @lunasdollworld !

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See you in my next post!



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