Amazing Thrift Find!

Ciao lovelies! The other day at the thrift store we found something totally awesome, and I had to share it with you all to show you that thrifting is totally worth it!
We found this amazing Monster High Fangastic Locker:

Which I am currently using to hold makeup:

It's originally meant to be a jewelry box, but it works great for makeup! It has 2 drawers, a push-to-open compartment, a cabinet, a very big open space, shelf, a door compartment, working mirror, and many pegs to hold stuff. I hung up hair ties on the pegs. I was surprisingly able to fit all of my makeup inside.

We scored this piece for about $4.25, and I decided to google to see how much it's worth new. 
The most common price I found was....
$40.00! OMG! So I got a $40 locker for $4!

Thrifting is really worth it if you look well enough!
I think that soon, Rakuana (my bf's pen-name) and I will do a Thrifting-tips post!

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow for more fun adventures!



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