Don’t Be THAT Person (REAL TALK)

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a REAL TALK about something that is on my nerves lately! Please note, I may mildly swear in this post.
I know that I’m usually positive, but sometimes, a girl’s just gotta let out some steam!

Ok, so this post was prompted by these two lovely girls in one of my classes, but extends to all of college. 

Do you ever get irritated by some people’s complete lack of manners/self control/sense of any decency? Because honestly, same. Living in college has unfortunately exposed me to the ridiculous nature of some people, and how some people’s parents just didn’t raise them right.

For a great example, the girls who prompted this post. In this class, it’s a 9AM, so everyone’s pretty much half asleep. Unfortunately for us, our professor wants class interaction, and often prompts us to answer her questions. Now, I don’t mind this too much, because I understand that she probably doesn’t want to talk the entire time, because how boring would that be, right? And naturally, when prompting a class for answers, you can get people answering wrong, or “too” enthusiastically. Personally, I don’t think you can be “too” enthusiastic about class, because I honestly just appreciate that someone answered the question and stopped that awkward silence when nobody is answering.

However, our classroom has a rather…unwelcoming environment in it now, because of these rude girls. Everytime someone answers a question, they will giggle. Not in a nice way, either, but in that nasty way of “Wow, look at that nerd” kind of rude laughter. Not only that, but if someone answers wrong, which is understandable, they will full on cackle like nasty little witches. It drives me insane. 

Why would you purposely create an atmosphere where people are afraid to answer questions for fear of mockery? We are in college, grow the hell up. I paid to be here, so if I wanna answer a question in a class I paid for, I sure as hell am going to, and you’re going to shut up about it. 

This isn’t the only example of people who are just senselessly rude that I’ve seen though. One hugely common trend that I see is that clearly, very few people’s parents taught them how to be respectful in a communal living situation. I have early classes all the time, yet at 1,2,to even 3 AM I’ll hear screams and yells and laughter from people, and slamming closet doors and such. It’s ridiculous. 

You may not have early classes, but part of being an adult is realizing that people around you deserve respect and nice living conditions just as much as you do. Why are you even having what sounds like parties at 2 AM anyway?! 1, we’re a dry campus, and 2, WHEN DO YOU PEOPLE SLEEP?!
I’m sure I’m not the only college student to think these things. Yet, when I go to handle things like an adult, it all becomes total sh!t-hit-fan scene ario. 

Allow me to clarify. So the loud room on the hall was being ridiculous one night, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I calmly left my bed, walked down the hall, and knocked on the door. All of the sudden, the entire loud congregation of people in there goes silent. I hear some giggles. I knock again. Nothing. I turn to leave, and bam, loud yelling and laughter again. Are you kidding me? I turn back and knock again. Same thing. I give up and go back to my room and suffer the rest of the night. 

It happens again the next night, and rather than try again, I just write a note that says “Please be quieter, I can hear you down the hall.” And slip it under the door. A few moments after returning to my bed and attempting to sleep, I hear a yell; “B*TCH WE CAN HEAR YOU TOO!” Uh, what? I’ve been trying to sleep this whole time. You can hear me? Doing what exactly? Breathing?

At the next hall meeting, I gently bring up that the hall needs to be quieter at night, as we do have quiet hours for a reason. I don’t single anyone out, I bring it up as a hallwide issue and ask for mutual respect to be given in this situation.

I get full on GLARES. Not even just side-eye, but full on, hateful glaring. So, wow. Clearly someone doesn’t like me trying to be nice about things. I leave the meeting, feeling supremely uncomfortable. 

The next week was miserable. The room that was being loud only got louder, as if to spite me. They start leaving their door open, loudly gossiping about me, and when I walked by to go to the bathroom, they’d slam the door, and then loudly insult me. 

Another incident was that one of the girls from the room was standing in the hall with her friends, with plenty of space on either side. I walked by, since there was plenty of space. I hear “Ugh, you could say ‘Excuse me’ maybe?” I am taken aback, as why would I say excuse me when I didn’t need to push past you or anything at all? I turn around, look at them, they all glare at me and hatefully laugh, I walk back to my room while listening to them all cackle about “that stupid b!tch.” I was so pissed. I just wanted some damn popcorn, man. I had only walked past them because I was coming back from making popcorn. What the hell.

So, I’m sorry for this negativity. But this really boils my blood. Why do some people act this way? I know your parents did not tell you that any of this behavior was ok, and if they did, then wow girl, I’m sorry, but they’re wrong.

Have any of you had bad experiences with people lately? Need to rant? Feel free to rant in the comments, I’d love to hear it!

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Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you in my next post!



  2. One of the dorms I stayed in was kind of in a corner, and along one of the outside walls there were a few chairs and a little table for lounging (even though there were actual lounge areas with couches and TVs not 20 feet away). Every night these girls would sit out there BLARING music and talking loudly. They were so close to my room and so loud I could make out everything they said. Every time I left my room to go to the bathrooms or whatever they just stared at me like I was stupid, so I hated leaving my room at night. I never had the nerve to ask them to be quiet, but I'd always slam my door and sometimes hit that wall.

    1. That sounds awful. I don't know what it is about college life that makes people forget how to be a considerate human.... I'm sorry that happened to you!


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