My REAL LIFE Ghost Story!!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post will be super spooky, so reader beware! Today I’m talking about….my REAL, recent ghost encounter!

So, this actually happened like, a few days ago (Nightsong, my roomie, can totally vouch for me here!) It was super scary and I actually cried and was/am scared to shower after this!
Ok, so the other night I was taking a shower and everything was going well. I was using my new strawberry shampoo/conditioner (and it smelled SO good) and I was happy-dancing in the shower, everything was super fun…..

And suddenly I hear the bathroom door open. But like, this isn’t unusual, as I live in a dorm, which means communal bathrooms, so lots of foot traffic. The eerie thing about this was that I heard the distinct creak of the door open….but never heard it close or heard anyone walk in. Now, this door has an extremely loud closing noise. I would’ve heard it. But I didn’t ever hear it close. I got a little sketched out, but I ignored it. Until suddenly, the shower curtain started coming towards me. There wasn’t any kind of breeze, so I got uncomfortable with this. I shoved it away, but I couldn’t make it budge. I started to get nervous and scared and felt trapped in the shower.
TFW ghosts harass you in the shower
As if all this wasn’t enough, the water becomes scalding hot, like, unbearably hot! I jump out of the stream so I don’t get burned, toughen up, and force myself to get out of the shower. I start drying off when I hear footsteps in the bathroom. I wrap myself in a towel and peek my head out of the stall. Nobody else was in the bathroom, but I kept distinctly hearing the footsteps. I very quickly pulled my head back into the stall, and start crying and hyperventilating. As I’m panicking, I begin hearing these loud banging noises, like someone slamming their hand on the bathroom stall walls, and I also hear raspy, loud breathing. I dress faster than a nudist in Antarctica, and rush out of the bathroom like a bat out of hell. I run all the way back to my room, shower caddy in hand, slam the door behind me, and hyperventilate.
On the nope train to screw-that-ville

Then I relay the whole story to my roomie. We’ve had ghostly happenings in our room before, but nothing to this scale.

TL;DR? A ghost harassed me while I was in the shower, and I cried about it.

Thanks for reading! Any suggestions on how to get rid of menacing spirits?
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  1. So the footsteps and door are terrifying (thanks and I will never use that bathroom again), but I do have an explanation for the shower curtain! If it was difficult to move, that's sketchy, but the reason it creeps inward is due to temperature. I have a glass sliding door at home and got weirder out when I got to school, so I looked it up a while ago.
    Here's a good explanation:

    Time to have a seance in the bathtub!

    1. Thanks for the explanation! I was totally sketched out by it, but now that I know it has an explanation, I feel a bit better.


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