MIR- Videos- February

Ciao lovelies! Today's Month in Review post is going over the videos I made this month!
This month I made a lot of videos, for many different reasons.
Let's get into them!

The first video this month was me attempting to recreate Venus Angelic's Dark Angel Makeup Tutorial. Do you think I did well?
I made a AMV for my fave thing, Monster High! It's not my BEST AMV, but I had many challenges with it.
I decided to respond to the haters on this blog in a video. WARNING- I swear mildly and mention some serious traumas. Viewer discretion is advised.
I made a video creating some hashtags for 2017! #2017selfcare, #2017support, #2017treatyourself !
"We Hate Space Eggs"- A mock-rant video made to appease some commenters. Jonesy and I rant about how much we just HATE space eggs. Brian chimes in some of his thoughts and Nightsong was sitting off camera just shaking her head at us all.
UNBOXING!! Hehe, yeah I unboxed a pretty big Monster High playset!
 Speaking of monster high, I also did a video doing Draculaura inspired makeup if Draculaua did her makeup like a tumblr girl! Next month, I plan to try out Cleo's makeup style.

What do you all think of this month's videos? Let me know!


  1. can you do a turotial on how to make an amv?

    1. Absolutely! I will get to work on that now! It should be up sometime next month! ^-^


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