Jonesy's Monthly Movie Spotlight- Intro

 Ciao lovelies! I'd like to introduce our second guest author, Jonesy! She will be writing on the first of every month! I don't wanna give away too much, I'll let her tell you herself below! 
A mildly agressive reminder to be respectful to all guest posters!!! BE NICE.
And now, I'll turn things over to Jonesy!
Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals!
I’m Jonesy, a friend of Lunaria’s and an avid reader of her blog.
I’ll be collabing with her once a month to bring you my personal recommendation of “Movie of the Month,” provide a brief critical analysis, and describe why I think people should watch it!
Because I’m not choosing a movie this month, here’s a bit about me:
I’m 18, and I’m a Film Major at the same university attended by Nightsong and Lunaria. I’m putting my real name on this blog because it’s on my tumblr account, and I’ve used my tumblr username for several comments (Clueless Pancake -I’d rate my blog R).
I’m Nightsong’s girlfriend, and I relentlessly tease her for her North Carolinian roots. I’ve lived in Virginia all my life, and I love its problematic ass with all my heart.
I’m a Gryffindor, and the fact I use that to describe me should tell you I’m kind of a geek!
I love watching and making film. I’ve done a few short features for me personally, and I’m currently working on an ambitious personal piece, but most of my work is for clients or school. I’m in to film, theater, coding, and writing music. I’m in to those because that’s pretty much everything I’m good at.
Like Lunaria, I’m passionate about helping people and spreading awareness about mental health. My personal goal is to help people understand their feelings, and how to work with them productively. It’s something that I still find incredibly difficult, but with help from my friends, I manage!
I’ll talk to you guys next on March 1st!
Later, my friends!


  1. Hi jonesy , I'm Kyllen lunaria's bff / older sis ...... can't wait to read your post

    1. Hey Kyllen! I've heard a lot about you!

    2. To anon: nope im good , too busy dealing with haters like you

      To Nicole : oh, that's cool *blushes nervous * I hope it's good stuff


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