Happy Valentine's Day! (MEGAPOST)

Ciao lovelies! Today, let's talk about Valentine's Day! (I know, it's the day for another "5" post, but holidays take priority, so the "5" post will be tomorrow!)
Oh Valentine's Day, the holiday of love. 
But how much do you know about this day?
Let's learn some sweet facts about Valentine's Day!
(All sources can be found in the bibliography after my signoff!)
I also thought, why not scour the internet and find some adorable Valentines Day DIYs?
So I decided to choose 5 links, and 5 videos!
I totally love these adorable DIY Valentine's Centerpieces by Little Lucy Lu!
This Rosette Style Hairbow by Violet LeBeaux will definitely get your sweetheart's attention!
I love this ADORABLE DIY Choker/Headdress by Ultimate Goth Guide! It's so classically romantic!
These Fabric Heart Valentines by flamingotoes are so cute!
This Light of my Life Lamp by blueeyedyonder is just too perfect. Honestly, this would melt my heart! Or should I say, light it up? (I am so sorry for that pun..Don't know where that came from.)
I also found 5 fantastic videos full of DIY Valentine's Ideas!

 Yumi King's video shows us some super cute clothing DIYs for Valentine's!
While Sara Beauty Corner's video isn't geared towards Valentine's Day, I could totally see myself wearing some of these hairstyles out on a Valentine's Date!
I really want to try making some of these Washi Tape Roses (By Sweetorials!) for my friends and sweetheart this Valentine's Day!
 These super sweet jewelry DIY's by ReadyForDIY are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts!
These DIY bears by Budget Hobby are so cuute! I would totally give these as a gift to a sweetheart!
 And now, as a little bonus fun, I found a video on the history of Valentine's Day!
What is your favorite thing about Valentine's Day? Tell me in the comments! I will be turning your answers to this question into cute graphics and posting them onto my Facebook page in a week! So hurry and get your answers in by then!
Thanks for reading! I will be posting a "5" post tomorrow, as promised. Sorry for the delay!
As promised, here's the bibliography citing the sources from the facts:

Valentines Day Bibliography
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  1. Know this isn't anything to do with the post but can you do a top 5 favourite books?

    1. I can absolutely do that! The five post for tomorrow is already scheduled (5 ways to be positive!) but I can certainly do books for the one after that! ❤ thanks for your awesome suggestion!


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