REAL TALK- Transitioning Into Adulthood

Ciao lovelies! Today things are getting REAL. 
In this new mini series on my blog, I'll be talking about serious issues, no sugar coating! We will be facing life head on and keeping it REAL. 
Please note that REAL TALK posts contain barely-censored swearing and are probably not suitable for younger readers.
Today's REAL TALK is about one of the hardest phases in life- Transitioning Into Adulthood.
 Our Topic Today:

When most people hit the ages of 18-19, they are going off to college, experiencing the first amounts of real independence they will have to face. And let's be honest, it f*cking sucks. 
Seriously, until college I'd never been away from my family for longer than a sleepover. Even when I went on trips, I always had family around me. And sure, when I went to college my stepsister was there too, but we have independent lives and aren't attached at the hip. So I can't really say that it had the same vibes as a family vacation, you know?
My first week at college should've been lovingly titled "Murphy's Law of College" because it was a damn trainwreck. 
I got this awful flu like thing, was stuck in bed and puking my guts out, and ontop of that, I had panic attacks practically every hour on the hour. I was calling my parents begging to come home like every day, I know right, what a damn wimp. Yeah, I was pretty lame, and scared, and didn't really know what the hell was going on or how to take care of myself.
In one sentence? My first week on my own was basically, "Holy shit, welcome to college, it's all about suffering."
But you know what? That week blessed me. Sure, was I thinking "Oh wonderful, this experience will make me so happy later on!" as I was barfing into a trashcan and crying? No. No I was not. I seriously doubt anyone can think happy while barfing into a trashcan and sobbing about life. 
But looking back, I see that it was good for me to have the worst thrown at me in my first week. Knowing that I can handle the worst and still be here, on my own, in university, has made me stronger and more confident about the situations that I can handle. 
Of course, that's not to say that there haven't been incidents since, like the time my roommate came back from class to find me laying in bed in the dark, blinds closed, in a hoodie, sobbing into the dry ramen I was eating and listening to Nirvana. But I'm sure every adult has those moments in their lives. At least, I'd hope.
The point is, going from child to adult is really damn hard. You will probably have an existential crisis every day, and let's not even get into the difficulties of how adulting works (how exactly does a bank account work again?).
But I promise you, it is possible. Moving from childhood to adulthood, high school to college may feel like the hardest thing in the world. But I swear to you that it's not only normal and healthy to feel that way, but it is also possible to overcome.

Thanks for being REAL with me today, lovelies!
See you in my next post!


  1. Would be a better post if you described ways to help handle the transition into a college environment. Also important to note that not everyone thinks being independent sucks.

  2. My first night at college I did get really sad, but the day after things seemed to flow like I'd been there before lol. I think the fact that I was only 30 min away from home helped, plus I had a high school friend who took classes there as well. I agree with above commenter that I'd like to see what your coping mechanisms were to help yourself feel ok at college and not have it feel so strange. I made a video once about how to survive at college and I'd be interested to see a post like that from you!

  3. These are both fantastic comments! I am actually planning on making a "5 things you need to know before college" and "5 ways to handle freshman year of college" posts in the future (probably around march or April!) I hope those posts will cover what you all suggested in the way you hope! Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

  4. I'm sure u realize why ur patents did not come to ur rescue and let u quit and come home. Ur a stronger person because of ur experience. Going from home to college is a trying experience for everyone. The idea is to experience as much as u possible can while ur there so that when ur an adult it will be easier to overcome social situations that could be hard later on in life.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if I am heartless, because I do not miss my family at all while I'm at college. Maybe I hit the adult mark too fast, maybe I hit my rebellious teen phase too late. I have no idea. Transitioning into any new situation can be tough; I'm glad you were able to recover. Good luck with the blog, it's very well put together. ~Danni

    1. I don't think it makes you heartless, not everyone gets homesick. I think it depends on life experiences too. I feel like I reacted so much because I had never been away from home and family before.
      Thank you for reading!! :)


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