Dealing With Haters- with Tiffany Marie Valentine

Ciao lovelies! This post is in collaboration with the amazing Tiffany Marie Valentine, an author and advocate for mental health! This post is about how to deal with haters! 

Tiffany and I will each share our stories with dealing with haters and tell you all how to deal with receiving hate comments.

Tiffany’s Story:
Ever since I started my Youtube channel back in May of 2010, I have been getting nothing but criticism.  At the time, being a victim of bullying, I was very sensitive to harsh words.  Even today I’m still sensitive to criticism; but I try to be positive about it. I take that criticism and try to be my very best. People told me “You’re not smart. You’re just dumb. You’re going to no where in life. You should just quit. Give up! You’re not going to be anything important!” Yes, those are true words that people have said to  me and yes they hurt. I am now an author. Hoping one day to be a best selling author. Haters are going to hate. There will always be haters sadly, the important thing is you have to know  how to deal with them . For me, I would block them. Sometimes, I would come back at them with something positive. (Like they say kill em with kindness ;))But, if you come across an anonymous hater, the best thing to do is to ignore them. It may seem tempting to fight back and defend yourself, but that just adds fuel to the fire. Ignore them. Eventually, they will leave you alone. Do I still get hated on?  Yes. Does it bother me? Not really. Hater are just bullies wanting attention. They are insecure and child like. Remember, you are strong. Rise above the hate.

Luna's Story:
Because I wanted to be a famous blogger and all, I got a lot of hate. When I first started, I blogged about one of my coping mechanisms that I used to escape the reality of an abusive relationship- a country called "Invitea." Back then, I had really bad Maladaptive Daydreaming, and believed Invitea was real, so I wrote about it all the time. People started calling me crazy, and wrote mean gossip threads about me. Eventually, they said that I wrote the threads about myself (Without any proof!) and said I just wanted attention. Since then, numerous sites have gossiped about me, and I've gotten hate comments almost every day of my life.. But I'll never give up on my dreams, I'll get famous and prove everyone wrong! Haters mean nothing. In fact, their views and comments only make me more famous because they bring traffic and revenue to my site! So I usually just say "Thanks for the feedback" and watch them put their own feet in their mouths! Shoutout to my one dedicated hater who's left over 300 hate comments in the last 7 months! I deleted most of your words but now I'm going to let you show the world your true colors. Hate on me all you want, cuz you're only helping me. To everyone out there dealing with haters, just remember that in the end, Haters only hate on you because they're jealous and have unfufilling lives. Keep doing what you love!

Haters are nothing compared to you all, lovelies! Love, light, and kindness always beats hate!
Never forget that haters can only make you famous!

Please follow the lovely Tiffany on instagram at @tiffanymarievalentineauthor to see more of her amazing content, or follow her blog on ! You can also support her on her youtube channel, which she will be making soon!

Never be afraid to stand up to your haters! Make your haters fear your return!
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  1. I had an honest question about the lolcow thread...they highlighted the posts you made about yourself in pink. Did you self post there or was the site lying?

    1. The site was lying. Thanks for your comment! :)


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