Why is this blog titled "Only Fun Things"?

Ciao lovelies! I've gotten some questions on why my blog is titled "Only Fun Things"! So I'm gonna answer both long and short of it!
Short Answer- This blog doesn't have a set theme, so I figured the theme could be "Only Fun Things!" meaning "anything goes so long as it is fun or useful!"

Of course, that's not the whole story, nor is it a satisfactory one. The name and theme of this blog has a lot of meaning to me for many reasons all centered around being an Epicurean.

I know, I'm sure I'm getting at least one of you thinking "What the hell is an Epicurean? Is it one of those new Tumblr identities?" and no, it is not. Epicureanism is a life philosophy from ancient Greece that centers around gaining pleasure in life, but unlike Hedonism, Epicureans ensure that they don't hurt others in the pursuit of pleasure. Some interpret Epicureanism to also dissuade people from material gain, but I personally think that acquiring material wealth can still be Epicurean, as long as you don't harm others in the process.  

What does life philosophy have to do with this blog? Well, the title itself "Only Fun Things!" directly references my life belief and following of Epicurean philosophy.  While it could be interpreted as Hedonistic, I still don't agree with all tenets of Hedonism and fit better with Epicureanism. 

This blog directly reflects my beliefs. I want to enjoy life and live in the pursuit of pleasure without being a....well for lack of a more "academic" word, a jerk. So I post about things that make me happy, or make posts that I enjoy making. 

I hope that makes sense!

Love always,



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