What's In My Bag?

Ciao lovelies! I'm finally going to jump the bandwagon and do a "What's In My Bag" post!
I got my bag from TJ Max for $25, it's a Franco Sarto Bag.
I have these charms on it:
As you can probably tell, the plushies are knockoffs from Aliexpress (I ain't about that expensive life). The Miku is from a blind bag I got at Hot Topic for $7 like a year ago.

In the very front pocket is....
My glasses, a digital camcorder my mom gave me, with a bag to keep it in my mom also gave me, and a cloth to wipe the glasses with. These aren't my real prescription glasses (long story) so I just use these for intense reading or computer work.

In the second pocket is....
A very cherry JellyBelly lipbalm, a multi-colour pen, and gloves (the winter here gets very cold).

In the biggest compartment is.....
My main notebook- I write blog ideas, shopping lists, etc in this notebook. A folding fan- for when it gets hot out. A selfie stick- self explainatoryish, I needed it as the full length mirror has bad lighting so I can only take OOTD shots outside. Disney Princess hand sanitizer, my instax mini, and my sailor moon wallet.

In the back pocket is.....
A pair of striped arm warmers for when I want to be extra "Goffic", lol

This is something I think every girl should carry regardless of whether she lives on campus or not. My lanyard has my keys, a flashlight, a USB, and pepper spray.

Love always,



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