Today's Adventures

Ciao lovelies! Today I had some cool adventures (plus I'm including a bonus pic from yesterday!)
So today I went into town, cuz there was a music festival. I got dressed up (somewhat, but no makeup)
Flower crown- Walmart, $3
Choker- Handmade by me!
Shirt- TJ Max $4.50

Then myself and my friends went out to eat:
I had a Turkey, Swiss, and Ranch Cream Cheese grilled sandwich on white bread.

Then we went shopping, I bought some new crystals from Sacred Circle (which I might review at some point!):
I got Rose Quartz for calming and Green Adventurine for good luck and good relationship vibes. I already have a nice Pyrite stone from the same shop for money luck.

Bonus pic from my outfit yesterday (I didn't do anything but run around in nature yesterday, lol!):
(I had to put my hair up cuz it was wet and I wore makeup!)

Love always,


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