How To Be A Modern Day Vampire

Ciao lovelies! With Halloween coming up (YAYY!) I figured I should make a post or two like this! So in this post, I'll share my knowledge of vampire life in the modern era, and how to be one!
In this handy guide, I'll show you what it takes to be a vampire in the modern era!

Step One: Fangs
A good pair of fangs is something every vampire needs!
 I got mine from Spirit Halloween for $5, but you can also get them from WalMart!
The kind that attach with dental adhesive are the best, personally. I don't like the full mouth sets.

Step Two- Makeup and Look!
Modern vampires wear many fashions, but prefer darker ones like Scene or Emo or Goth. They also prefer dark makeup to highlight their pallid skin. Sometimes they like red lips to hide the blood drinking. Modern day vampires like any hair color.

Step Three- Drinking Blood!
Back in the day, Vampires could drink real human blood all they wanted. But nowadays, to fit in, we usually just drink red liquids like: fruit punch, crystal light, cherry coke, etc. If you still want bloody taste, you could always follow the fake blood recipe below:

Fake Blood For Taste:
BBQ Sauce
Oregano (to taste)

Mix all ingredients to the consistency of blood. You can also add red food coloring if you want it to be more vibrant. Heat it up for the full effect.

For decoration, use fake blood from the Halloween Store, like "Vampire Blood":
If you're one of the few vampires that actually eats humans (yuck), try some body part candy!):

Everything else is up to your discretion. You can be as gothic as you want, sleep all day, whatever. Modern vampires don't have to do anything really though. And yes, we can eat Garlic!
DISCLAIMER- Don't actually drink blood. No, you will not become immortal.

Love Always,



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