Beauty Of Staunton

Ciao lovelies! In this post, I'll show you some pictures I took around the beautiful downtown of Staunton, VA!
First up is the front of a courthouse:
Ame and I both liked the columns, and there is a statue of Lady Justice (or Liberty?) on the top of the building. I especially like the stone work on the front.

Next is this perfect example of Victorian architecture:
(It was also a PokeStop, but that's beside the point.) I love how the sunset looks behind the house.

Staunton has many different types of architecture, including Gothic, like this door:
Note the pointed top on the arch, a common Gothic architecture trait. The windows are also lovely too. I couldn't resist taking a "3edgy5me" pic here.

We found this mural, which had been damaged (not sure by what), and was also a PokeStop:
This was nestled away in a small nook off the street.

Here is the back of that courthouse from earlier:
I can't think of what architecture style this is, if you know, leave a comment! I love the arching doorways and the dome on top.

I found this amazing example of unchecked ivy growth:
It reminds me of my house (which has ivy growing on front) but luckily my house isn't THIS covered in ivy!

Next is a shot down the street that I like:
I feel like it captures the character of the city. The city is really quite pretty and sweet, with many different architecture styles and eras mixing together.

Lastly is this example of detailed windows AND wood detailing together:
I seem like such a tourist, but where I'm from, buildings don't have this level of detail, as we don't have many historical sites like Staunton does. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the beautiful downtown of Staunton, VA!
Love always,



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