Kyllen Marie Hayden- Blogger Wednesday

Ciao lovelies! For today's Featured Blogger Wednesday, I'm featuring Kyllen Marie Hayden!

Kyllen Marie Hayden/Austin Hayden
Kyllen Marie Hayden/ Austin Hayden is a genderfluid blogger from VA who currently lives in her kingdom of Marinette as a Princessa/Prince.
She runs her kingdom as a Princessa (or Prince on boy days):
And she also cosplays Homestuck (among other things):
I interviewed Kyllen, and here is her answers!:

The Interview

How did you come up with your blog URL? 
"When I was in eigth grade I was just getting in to cosplaying so I used the URL as cosplayplanetlove"
How did you discover blogging?
"I discovered blogging thru my bff/twin sister"
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
"I can be free to say what needs to be said an i don't hate for it and it helps some people better under how I'm feeling"
Did you learn anything because of blogging?
"I would say yes but then i would be lying so no i havent"
In your own words, describe your blog.
" my blog is mainly about my small life in a new town I just moved to and expressing my emotions , as I've said my blog helps some ppl better understand my emtions"
What inspires you to blog?
" my twin sister "
What is your favorite thing to blog about?
 "Cute tags and sign offs "

I hope you all enjoyed learning about Princessa Kyllen Marie Hayden!
Love always,


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