Hair Goddess Lauren- Blogger Wednesday

Ciao lovelies! In today's Blogger Wednesday I'll be talking about Hair Goddess Lauren!
Hair Goddess Lauren
Lauren is a beauty blogger who is a bit new to the bloggosphere!
She started her blog in July, and has quality content so far!

The Interview

How did you come up with your blog URL? 
"Hairgoddesslauren is my Instagram name. I am a hairstylist and makeup artists so it just sounded cute. Ha!"
 How did you discover blogging?
 "I discovered blogging by social media, I have been following a few bloggers for a couple of years now"
 What do you enjoy most about blogging?
 "I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things."
 In your own words, describe your blog.
 "My blog is all about beauty. Anything that I can share from doing hair and makeup for the past 5 years."
What inspires you to blog?
  "I am inspired to blog because I love to educate my clients in the salon so it just comes naturally that I want to talk about beauty related topics on my blog."
Do you have any advice for other bloggers?
"I just started my blog a little over a week ago so the only advice I have is to just have fun and do what you love."
What is your favourite blogging site?
"My favorite blog site is by Courtney Kerr"
I hope you all liked learning about HairGoddessLauren!
Love always,


  1. Thanks for the love. You're awesome. Looking forward to working together in the future.

    1. No problem! I'm loving your content so far! Especially the facts post. I had no idea about the old Greek thoughts about redheads! ^-^


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