Family Reunion

Ciao lovelies! The other night I had a great meetup with my Sisters, Kyllen and Fury, their fiances, My fiance, and our two second cousins!
We went out to the beach/boardwalk first, and I considered getting a Henna tattoo, but they were really expensive and took two hours, so I didn't.
Kyllen and I and Ame looked for shells while Ace (her fiance) and our cousins (Logan and Sierra) went pokemon hunting. 
Then they went off to get Fury and Rose (fury's fiance), so Ame and I went home where I got changed and bought a nice flower crown to wear to family dinner.
We went out and ate Fazolli's and ate soo many breadsticks. I kept thinking we were gonna get kicked out cuz we were loud and making bad jokes, but we didn't get kicked out.
I got a polaroid of the Fam and then we went to Walmart! I found a Monster High doll for only $4 (SCORE), the others wandered around and Fury bought a ring guard and a ball of yarn. 
We all tearfully said goodbye to each other at the end. We gotta meet up again soon!
Here are some pics:
Polaroids I took of the day
Day is my beach look, night is my dinner look.
Love always,


  1. We do have to meet up again totally maybe next year maybe cuz sadly that's the next time I'll b in town ..... but I'm always here for you twin


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