Random Recent Developments!

 Ciao Lovelies!
I have lots of random stuff that doesn't really warrent its own posts, so I'm going to lump them into this!! <3
So recently I played with decoden in the form of puffy paint:
I designed a new OC:
Sephulcra, a reaper type inspired by Reyes from Overwatch! <3 lol.
She's also inspired by Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among Us.
I discovered a new way to recycle old cups:
 as a sick new pencil holder! I love how it looks like a punk style plus holographic!!
I got this adorbs pic of my cat:
I helped my mother dearest renovate her new house (that's from the 1940's!):
 I did some random doodles playing with new art styles:

Bought a ton of cute stuff at target:

Started (and created a huge) TsumTsum collection:
Reclaimed my title as Zofie of the Full Moon Clan and newly became Empress Lunaria of the CrescentMoon Clan:
kawaii neko chibi vampire (for a upcoming song)
I played around with my identity a bit:
More on that later. For now though, that's all I need to catch ya up on. sorry for not posting for a week. I was really busy. and depressed (which messes with my productivity.)
Love ya,



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