How to Set Up for a Idol/Indie Artist Career!

Ciao lovelies. So I'm totally no expert, but this post will be my knowledge about how to set up the begining of a career.
Whether you're a model, singer, dancer, or anything in between, these tips can help you start!
1. Developing the Persona.
The persona is very important. This new persona is a lot like an OC (or Original Character) but you will be acting as this "character" for your career.
Important things to consider for your persona are:
--Stage Name. Pick something that rolls off the tongue and make sure you like it!
My stage name is Lunaria, based off my name Luna.
--Personality. Is your persona exactly like you? Or do you want a more bubbly, outgoing persona? Or maybe a dark mysterious one?
If you're working in alternative scenes, consider a whimsical backstory. Maybe you're a vampire, or witch!
--Talent(s). What are you focusing on? Are you primarily a singer? Dancer? Model? All three? Find your focus (or focuses) and work your portfolio around them.
--The Look. You don't have to settle with one fashion style, but maybe try to get a recognizable "signature" to your look.
Ariel Bloomer's pink hair is a nice signature to her look. Maybe you want a signature pin, or maybe you always wear a specific
set of gloves or a choker. Whatever the case may be, a signature to your look is good for recognizability.

2. Online Presence.
If you're not going straight to a record company or other manager, you will most likely start as what's known as a
"Net Idol" or someone who manages themself and has a strong online presence.
To begin, you need the basics:
--A facebook page. It's not too hard to manage a facebook page, and this will help open the floodgates into
your online prescence. You want to be searchable! Make sure the page is complete, with a bio, profile pic, cover photo, and make some posts.
--A homepage. This is basic, you can even use a free website host if you can't afford to buy a custom domain.
What you need on the homepage is the basics again. Pics of yourself, a resume, samples of your talent. Links to your other social media profiles.
--A youtube account. This is essential if you're a singer or dancer, or something that can be videoed. You want to show off
your talents! Make sure to make custom thumbnails and catchy, accurate video titles.
Include links to your homepage and other social media accounts in the description of your videos and the about section of your  youtube channel!
Other important aspects to the online prescence is basically:
--Make sure to be active! Reply to comments (politely), post new content regularly, update pages as needed. Don't be a dead page!
--Don't worry about haters. IGNORE HATE COMMENTS, or REPLY POLITELY. Even if you're right, if you fight back, people will demonize you.

3. Content.
--Make sure to keep putting out content, but don't rush to put out low quality content!
You can spend lots of time on content and not update all the time.
Quality over quantity!

This is all I have for now, since I'm no professional or anything.
After all, my new Lunaria career is the second time I'm trying this rodeo. But last time only failed because of an excess of haters and I didn't handle them correctly.
So, I'll try to make more posts about my career and all that!
Bye for now,
Love always,



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