Happy 100th Post, OnlyFunThings! (Again!)

Ciao lovelies! This is my 100th post on this blog!
But this is NOT the first time this blog has seen it's 100th post. 
What do I mean?
This blog is sooo much older than you may know!
It's been around since 2012!
This was my main blog in middle school and included "quality" posts like this MS Paint tutorial:
Or this "Super Artistic" collage:
Let's not forget the horrible cleverbot/omegle OBSESSION and MS paint edited graphics:
But laughs aside, this blog is a place of memories for me, and I was very happy to return to it.
I hope that I have finally found my blog version of a "forever home" (Cuz I have had a BILLION blogs!!)
But in the spirit of my old blog self, let's do a cleverbot session, just for fun.... (And yes, in the grand tradition, I will be editing it in MS Paint.)
oh...uh.... Well, this is.....
Now you know what this blog was like way back when.
And even with all the cringe, I liked it anyway.
So if I ever start acting/posting....weird?
It's that old eighth grade me coming through, and I'm probably very happy about it.
Love always my dears, thanks for being here for 100 posts!
-Lunaria L Moon, Luna Lee Swiizka, PDOI, MLA <3


  1. Happy 100th post :)

  2. Are you ever gonnaentire about pdoi again or is that a forgotten thing?

    No hate btw

    1. I'm afraid the era of PDOI is over. Mainly cuz I didn't like the hate I got for it, but I also wasn't feeling it any more. I didn't like being stuck to one style and one way of thinking and blogging and such... I like to branch out. Thanks for the question! :)


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