Baby Themed Plate?! What The @#$% is Going On?!

Ciao lovelies and welcome to the most stressful intro on this blog!
In which I will post food on a BABY THEMED PLATE
and I will only put the context under a page break.
Wanna make your bets as to what it is? Hmm what am I telling you?

I have been keeping a secret from you guys!
Guess what.>..<
If you guess that I'm pregnant you are WRONG
I'm going to be an aunt on probably saturday!!!

I didn't tell you guys, since it was so far away until now.
But my brother's wife was pregnant, and I'm going to be an Aunt to a little boy named Teddy!
I bought him so much stuff like a bib and sippy cups.
That's why I've been filming in a different location cuz I gave up my office to be his nursery!
Wasn't that a good surprise? :)
Love always (sorry for giving everyone a heart attack),



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