Newest Obsession- Upcycling!

Hai lovelies!! I have recently been totally obsessed with the new trend of upcycled/recycled clothing, jewelry, etc! I love recycling, there's just something about turning old unwanted stuff into awesome new stuff that's just so exciting! I envy the fashion designers that create such beautiful designs with recycled materials, like how do you do it? It's art! 
Some Examples:

Anyway, I'm sure you can see that I like/love making recycled diys and such based on my new series. It's just awesome to think that I can take away some of the trash that goes into the world and make treasure instead!
Do you all like recycled projects and fashion?
Tell me your fave DIY or other recycled tutorial in the comments below!
Thanks for reading! 
Love always my dears,
Lady Luna



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