My Homemade Naruko Cosplay

Hey lovelies!
Just thought I'd show you all my Naruko Cosplay I made the other night and will be wearing to AMA 2016 THIS SATURDAY!!! XDD
Gloves- Aliexpress, $1
Dress- Handmade by me out of two t shirts and some leftover fabric!
Leg band- Old Ribbon
Shoes- Not sure, my mom bought them for me.

Eyeliner used from Elf!
Yes, I am using my natural hair for this cosplay! It's so much more comfortable!

Random shots:
 "You better believe it!"
"Complete the heart!"

I'll hopefully be doing some fun CMVS with Kyllen who is going to be Female Sasuke for me!
I already want to do a Victorious (by Panic! At The Disco) CMV.
I also got a video of me lip sycing to hotline bling like the trash I am. XDD
Love always,
Lady Luna


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