Last Day

 "This is the way the world ends,
Not with a bang, but a whimper." 
-T.S. Elliott, "The Hollow Men"
It's my last real day in high school....
I said goodbye to all my old teachers. It's not real yet.
I felt it prickling behind my eyes for the whole day but it hasn't hit me yet...
I'm scared.
I try to comfort myself by thinking of college like another high school but it's not the same..
There's much more weight on my shoulders. 
Oh. I almost cried just now.
I didn't leave any mark on this place, so maybe I'm just...bitter?
Maybe I'll never leave a mark on the world either, if I cannot leave a mark on a place as small as a damn high school.
I am a mixture of Bitterness and Determination.
Love, Lady Luna



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