I'm Baaaaaack~

Hi lovelies! I owe you all an explanation, especially after making so many blogs. So here goes!
At first, I had this blog, and I loved it! Then I had my trauma.
And I changed blogs. I made a big blog full of everything even princess lessons...
But ....It got plagued with hate, and it didn't make me happy anymore.
So then I had TWO blogs, one for DIY and one for Personal....
But I didn't like how disconnected it was.

Well now, after a lot of thought, I'm back!
I missed this blog so much. 
I know that I deleted all my posts here wayyy back when my trauma happened.
But I will make this place my home again.

But you know, Updating Blogs means TONS of blog transfers, so hang in there! It's gonna be a crazy ride.
Tons of posts are coming! Brrrrace yourselves! :3
Bye dears. I love being home.
-Lady Luna
I'm blonde now, BTW <3



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