I love the Moon

Our lady Moon:
The Moon is the best example of perfection in the Universe.. Although she is ever changing and commandeering of the sky, her glowing effervescent beauty captivates the hearts of animals and man alike.

Wolves howl to her, the supreme Goddess of Night.

I changed my name to Luna out of reverence for this beautiful entity, and enjoyment of the dark and beautiful Night in which she resides.

I admit, I'm an edgelord with a dramatic flair. But I Truly love the Night and the Moon.
I picked her, my Highness Crescent Moon as my symbol, to empower myself in her moonbeams and to bathe in the evanescence of her glow. And I, Luna, am overjoyed to take her name.

And, in two years (or really a year or so), I will be happy to take another name. Take the name of the Angel, my Ame.

Love always from the darkness of the Night,
Lady Luna



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