Covering AMA 2016!!!

CIAO LOVELIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the excitement but it's been a crazy weekend.
First up to cover will be....Anime Mid Atlantic 2016!
I didn't get to experience every second of the con (we'll get to that later) but the parts I got were awesome!
Without further chatter, here's the post!
Day one of AMA 16 was a whirlwind! Ame and I had to go later in the day (like noonish) for reasons (which are going to be in the next post)
I went as Naruko:
I hand made the entire costume. I used my real hair and did my own makeup. The gloves are from Amazon and the sandals are from my mom.
Ame went as Matryoshka Kaito:
I did his makeup. This cosplay is one of his favourites to do. It's pretty recognizable too. Some other vocaloid cosplayers stole him for a while and one girl hugged him. I was yandere >:3
We met up with Princessa Kyllen Hayden who got this super cute rave outfit in the dealers room:
 And then Ame and I went to check out the dealers room where I sat debating about a pair of cat ears for a while. Ame got sick of me debating about the colour and bought them:
I'm wearing the cat ears and holding Kyllen's little Scalemate plushie
To pay Ame back for the ears I bought him a League of Legends poster. He also bought a Naruto Shuriken.
We went to the fashion show which was SOO fun. I really want to be in a con fashion show now.
After that we got dinner and took some pics while waiting for the rave:

Kyllen is in Ace's Fursuit head
Then I went and got changed into my rave outfit.....
WIg is kyllens and shirt is by KyllenForever Designs
Then we went and had lots of fun at Fridays Rave!
Saturday we went again and I bought a cute dress I'd been eyeing the day before:

Of course I had to take a cool model shot in it:
I took a cool model shot of Princessa Kyllen Hayden too:
we goofed off and dressed up her Scalemate plush:
in Brian's Wig
Then Ame and I went to the Masquerade while Kyllen and her Fiance (Ace) went out to dinner.
The masquerade was so fun and funny. The skits were precious.
Before the event they had big screens with rolling feeds of tweets using a certain hashtag. I tweeted "Brian Pigford is the hottest Kaito at #AMA16" and it got displayed on the screens! He turned bright red >:3 My stepmom said it was mean of me to embarass him but he found it flattering.
This weekend was a whirlwind. Not just AMA, but I'll talk about the other stuff in my next blog post. For now, here's my con haul and some other pics from the con!:
my naruko makeup
hes so CUTE
in Kyllen's wig as Fem!Alois
Full weeb
goofing off with Kyllen' sword
switching wigs
Con Haul:
The dress, cat ears (ame bought me), i GOT MY FIRST HELL BUNNY SKIRT ASFFJDKHDLDL
Not pictured:
6 pack of strawberry ramune
Dad's father's day gift (a dragon statue)
Tons of japanese candy XD
a pair of star earrings

See you all in my next post which will be very surprising :3
Love always,
Lady Luna/ Lunaria


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